Raised in a musical family, Cherisha Heart found her passion in music at a young age. She's had a guitar in her hands since the age of 3, and at age 12, took up songwriting. Growing up, she and her brothers formed a family band and as teenagers they'd be out busking downtown every summer, performing on radio stations, television, and every local venue their parents could book them in. 

Heart's voice is soulful, smooth, dynamic, and she loves rocking out with her blue Gibson Les Paul. Her song lyrics are introspective, sensual, eclectic. Her muse is anything from loss, heartbreak, love stories, to equality, the state of the world, nature, freedom, forward thinking, while infusing gratefulness, connection, a little bit of sass and a hopeful outlook on life which she feels is still attainable in this world. 

 As a lover of harmony, she collaborates with as many talented, local musicians as she can. Her music has taken her to notable venues across the U.S. (including San Francisco, Austin, and Nashville), Mexico and New Zealand. She's performed with Michael Franti and Spearhead in 4 different cities in California. She's a dynamic soloist, but also co-fronts a local country band, Outlaws and Angels. She's second guitarist and vocalist for New Zealand based retro rock band, Zephyr Love, alongside her brother Chris McCollum. They toured both New Zealand and California in 2023. Her solo debut album, “Mountain Maiden,” was released in 2011. Music Video and single, “Dreams” was released July 2019. Music Video and EP, "The Good Life" was released February 2021. She recorded a new record spring of 2023 in her home studio in Nor Cal, titled "Slow Burn". The release of which is set for summer of 2024, so stay tuned for updates! You can find her on all platforms.